Steels with Alupur® aluminium coating   Last update: 2010-7-15

These steels are used in many indoor and outdoor applications, such as culverts, to name one of the most common.



Alupur® is a steel substrate coated on both sides with pure aluminium.



Alupur® has very good corrosion resistance in all environments (urban, industrial and marine), even in the presence of heat. 
It can also withstand aggressive combustion products.
Alupur® coated steels also offer good thermal and light reflectivity, 83% when new, 71% after ageing. The coating can be used at temperatures as high as 1100C.



The Alupur® range is used in many indoor and outdoor applications, the most common being:

  • Construction: profile systems, roofing, cladding, silos, greenhouses, door frames, flues etc
  • Miscellaneous: boiler casings, HVAC equipment, tanks, exhaust systems etc


Its resistance to high temperatures combined with good resistance to aggressive combustion products makes Alupur® an excellent solution for many applications in power plants and the petrochemical industry.


Alupur® can be supplied oiled and/or with a chemical surface treatment, or with an Easyfilm® thin organic coating (please see data sheet E80 for the specific properties of Easyfilm®).


Under certain conditions, Alupur® is suitable for food contact, as specified in European directive 89/109/EEC and French standard NF A 36-712-2. Please contact us for further information on this subject.


Recommendations for use

Alupur® must be transported and stored in a sheltered, moisture-free environment.


Alupur® can be bent, roll formed and seamed without risk of damaging the coating, provided that certain precautions are taken, particularly with regard to bending radii.


Thickness (mm)< 1.25 mm≥ 1.25 mm
Bending radius3 th4 th


In order to avoid cracking, it is recommended to limit the radius of curvature to three times the sheet thickness when the thickness is less than 1.25 mm, and to four times the sheet thickness when the steel strip is thicker than 1.25 mm.


The aluminium coating precludes direct contact with:

  • Copper and its alloys
  • Uncoated steel
  • Run-off water that has been in contact with these materials



Please consult the CSTB Technical Advice document 5/85-502.


Fastening components

In order to ensure that Alupur® products retain their appearance over time, it is recommended to use fasteners with high durability, made from materials such as stainless steel or aluminium.


Alupur® can also be painted after appropriate degreasing and chemical surface treatment.


Brand correspondence
 NFA 36-345ASTM A929Old brand names
C320+AAL...C320 C320


Thickness (mm)Min widthC+A, C320+A
Max width
0.55 ≤ th < 1.006501060
1.00 ≤ th < 2.001130


Mechanical properties
Thickness (mm)
Re (MPa)
Rm (MPa)
A80 (%)
C+AL0.5 - 2.5205 - 345270 - 500≥ 20
C320+AL0.5 - 0.7≥ 320≥ 390≥ 15
0.7 - 2.5≥ 17


Coating properties
Alupur®Coating weight - double sided (g/m)Coating thickness (m per side)

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